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       Established in 2001, Huzhou Kingdom Coating Industry Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer of label fabrics with expertise in producing various... more>>


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Add: No. 908 Jingyi Rd, Economic Development Zone, Changxing,Zhejiang,China                      

Tel: 0572-6290200       Fax: 0572-6290201       
E-mail : nancy@king-grp.com

  • Enterprise the advantages of online promotion site

    The traditional media is two-dimensional network publicity is multidimensional, it can be text, image and sound organic combination together, to pass a multi-sensory information for customers such as immersive feel the goods or services. So that consumers can experience the products, services and brands. This picture, text, sound, like a combination of forms of propaganda, and enhance the effectiveness of network publicity.
  • What is a pseudo-static?

    Pseudo-static is relatively true static in terms of the real static generates an html or htm file with the extension, visitors can gain access to the real static pages, while the pseudo-static generating entity static page file, but simply is. Htmlclass form of static pages, but in fact dynamic scripting with PHP program to deal with, this is a pseudo-static.